Monday, February 2, 2009

Free Swimsuit anybody?

I will be giving away a free swimsuit to one lucky recipient!  This lucky person will receive their swimsuit in any size, and any fabric they choose!  To be entered in the random drawing sign up for my free mailing list.   Contact me in my shop by sending me your e-mail address.  The address to my shop is or click on the link just to the right.  The winner will be chosen at random March 30, 2009!  GOOD LUCK!

Who doesn't want free advertising?

I am searching for businesses similar to this one that promote modest clothing or just plain cool products.  I would be willing to do an advertising trade.  Contact me by sending me a conversation in my shop.

Suiting up for Spring!

Thinking of taking a vacation this time of year?  Why not go out in style with one of my swimsuits?  Be sure to check out my fabric samples.  Feel free to mix and match fabrics!  There are no limitations to your creativity!