Monday, April 8, 2013

What Have We Been Up To?

  Black and White Apparel has made some big changes in the last 2 years!  First, we changed our address to an independent website.

Then we changed our name from Black and White Apparel LLC, to Whimsey Lane Apparel LLC.  By doing that we were able to opt out of the black and white only designs we were doing.  We branched out into dresses, and even tried manufacturing one of our own designs...offered in two (almost four.) colors.

The past year and a half we have been working on bringing our swimwear line back!
 It has been blood, sweat and tears to get all of our designs ready to be photographed, and manufactured.
We are finally ready for manufacturing...well almost.
We are still in the funding stages.

With minimums on fabric and requirements from factories, navigating the fashion world can be challenging!
  We are taking the bull by the horns...and launching our very own kickstarter project to raise the needed funds to make manufacturing possible!

A kickstarter project is hosted  by
It is a website where product creators go to present their idea to the general public. Some people know it as a group-funding website.
 A lot of research and money goes into the very effort involved in presenting the project.
A monetary goal is set (In our case $20,000.00) and the creators only receive the funding if the ENTIRE goal is made.  It is basically an ALL-OR-NOTHING situation.
The good thing is that you can reach your goal and then some.  No rules about going over your goal!
For contributing to the kickstarter project the "backer" is able to choose a reward.

 In our case you may choose a postcard,  Lookbook,  T-shirt, Towel, or a swimsuit...or two!
It is a win-win situation.  You get an awesome reward, and we get to manufacture and come out with new designs for years to come!
Just go to the link below to get started!

We have only 19 days left!  We will need to meet our goal by April 27th before time is up on April 28th!
Here are the top four swimsuits from our line of seven.  We narrowed it down to the top favorites to make funding more plausible.

Linda Tankini in Red Polkadots.
(Best Selling for three years may I add.)

Modeled by the fabulous Kimberly Frandsen Motteshard

  The Avery Tankini in Black

Modeled by the amazing Xiao Xiao Hoffman.

  The Giselle Tankini
(Characteristic of our original black and white designs.)

Last but not least....Scout Tankini with Boyshorts or Swimskirt option.

Modeled by Kimberly Frandsen Motteshard

Help us spread the word via facebook and pinterest!
Wish us luck!


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